Hot Weather Risks
Oral Health
Obesity in Pets
Spay and Neuter – contact city, county, and Kitty City for numbers
Medications and your pets
Toxic foods
Your Aging Pet
What to feed your pet
Fleas, ticks, HW, TBI
The importance of preventative medicine
Pet insurance
Why Vet Care costs what it does
Marijuana Toxicity
Anxiety in Pets
Heart Disease
Microchipping and city license
Emergency and On-Call
How to Choose a Breed or type of Pet – get info on reptiles etc.
Dogs & Cars (hot cars, car sickness, anxiety)
Noise phobia/thunderstorms/fireworks
Parasitic and zoonotic disease

This “Vet Minute” brought to you by Dr. Katie Lambden of Paw in Hand Veterinary Care on Cuba Avenue in Alamogordo, and KHII. Submit your questions for consideration on upcoming shows by visiting our website at or calling us at 434-4343.