Hello, Alamogordo! I’m veterinarian Dr. Katie Lambden of Paw in Hand Veterinary Care. Welcome to Vet Minute. Today’s topic is hot weather injuries in pets. Because our climate is plenty hot in the summer, we want to make sure that people know of the risks pets can face. Dogs in cars during hot weather is just asking for trouble. Even a car with the air conditioner running can heat up dangerously within 10 minutes or more. If you will be out running errands, it’s best to leave your pet at home. Taking walks with your pup is a fun activity with health benefits for both you and Fluffy; however, exercise caution when walking during the summer. Dogs – especially flat-faced dogs such as bulldogs, pugs, shih-tzus, etc. as well as all overweight dogs – are susceptible to heat stroke. They can also burn their footpads walking on hot cement. Did you know that, when the air temperature is only 86 degrees, asphalt can reach a temperature of well over 130 degrees? That’s hot enough to fry an egg, and hot enough to blister Fido’s paws. While it is a myth that ice water is dangerous to dogs, dogs can get sick to their stomach from drinking too much water too fast. Make sure that your pet always has fresh, clean water available so they don’t have to gulp a bunch all at once due to extreme thirst. And make sure that while your dog is outside in your yard, he always has access to shade.

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