Preventative Care

Preventative Care
Preventative care is the cornerstone of your pet’s health. It starts in puppy or kittenhood (or whenever you adopt an older dog or cat) with vaccines and parasite prevention. We unfortunately see devastating cases of parvo, distemper, and severe illness from worms, and we want to be sure your pup is safe from these. Preventative care may also include tests such as a heartworm test, fecal flotation to assess for parasites, bloodwork, urinalysis, etc. We would much rather learn about a problem with your pet’s health via screening labwork instead of waiting for him or her to get sick from the problem. Curious about pet insurance? When your pet is young and healthy is the time to get it! We do our best to make quality preventative care accessible to you.


We offer spays and neuters as well as many other surgical procedures. We are excited to offer laser surgery, which can speed procedures considerably while resulting in less intra-operative bleeding, and less post-operative pain and swelling. We offer the best in anesthesia monitoring to reduce the chance of any anesthetic complications. We do not perform ear crops or declaw cats.


Dental Image
Oral health is one of the most neglected areas of pet care. Can you imagine what your own teeth would look and feel like after years of not brushing? Maintaining your pet’s good oral health throughout his or her life is a commitment, but a rewarding one. Ask us about preventative measures to keep their teeth clean. When it’s time for an anesthetized cleaning, let us take care of them with state of the art digital x-rays to assess the tooth health UNDER the gums as well as above the gums, as well as ultrasonic cleaning, application of dental sealant, etc. You will be amazed by the before and after photos of your pet’s mouth!

Same-day Sick Appointments

We do our very best to set aside appointment slots for pets requiring urgent care for acute illness. We also take walk-ins as our schedule permits, but it is always best to call first if you can. Please understand that at times , you may have to wait for your pet to be seen if you do not have an appointment. We do offer in-house bloodwork and radiography to help get the quick answers we need when your pet isn’t feeling well.


There are some cases in which pets will heal faster with treatment that can only be provided in a hospitalized setting. We offer limited hospitalization services, with the caveat that we are NOT staffed overnight. If we believe your pet will be better served with 24 hour nursing care and a doctor present at all times, we will recommend transfer to a 24 hour facility.

Emergency Services

Dog at hospital
We are available for emergencies most evenings and weekends. However, as a single doctor practice, it is unfortunately not possible or sustainable to be on call all day, every day. To bring our best to every sick pet, new animal exam, surgery, etc., we have to get some sleep and spend time with our families. We are fortunate to have an excellent 24-hour emergency facility barely an hour away (El Paso Animal Emergency Center at 1220 Airway Blvd in El Paso, 915-545-1148). We encourage you to keep this information handy should you ever need urgent care and we are not available.

Low Cost Vaccine Clinics

Paw in Hand quarterly vaccine clinics are held 4-6pm every 3 months. This is an opportunity to have your pets vaccinated without a wellness exam. Pets must be healthy. Aggressive pets cannot be served at these clinics. Please email to pre-register. Pre-payment is required.