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Your dog or cat doesn’t just share a home with you. To you, they are family. And you always want to know that you are doing right by them; that they are receiving truly good care. We built Paw in Hand Veterinary Clinic because we believe that every family should be able to feel this way. We are all animal lovers, and the bonds we share are precious. We believe you deserve to know that you can afford good quality care for their pet. To feel good about your veterinary practice. Because you can trust us just as much as your pet trusts you.

More care

This isn’t just a job to us. This is a calling. It’s who we are, and who we are meant to be. And besides practicing high quality medicine, we take a more comprehensive view of health. We look for the subtle signs of pain that are easy to miss and help improve the quality of life your pet has by your side. We create a client-centric culture, where our team cares deeply about your questions and concerns. And we make sure that every pet who walks through our doors receives the best care and is treated like our own. Because when your pet looks into your eyes, they see a hero. We’ll help you care for them like one.

September 30

We are so excited to be opening our doors on September 30th! We are currently scheduling appointments. Paw in Hand exists because we love this community, and we believe you deserve something special. Appointments are filling up fast, so please give us a call now to schedule yours!