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Our Mission

Your pet plays an integral role in your life. And whether that is in your living room or on your farm, we believe you deserve to trust in the quality of your pet’s veterinary care. That is why our mission is to make great veterinary care accessible to every family in our community. We are thorough, honest, detail oriented, and empathetic. And when you walk through our doors, your problems become our problems, and your goals become our goals.

What your neighbors say…

Customer care was impeccable! Very personal and helped our animals greatly. Everyone else was too full or not accepting new clients even though I had an emergency. Paw In Hand was extremely reasonable. I would recommend them highly!


Very nice staff. Could even handle my wild child Hammer


My dog was sick I had no idea what was wrong, to be honest I thought he was dying and not cure able. When I set up his appointment I was expecting the worse. The staff was so friendly and caring and treated my fur baby with respect. They did everything they needed to and found out what was wrong and how to cure it. The vet was very lovey and kind and understanding. Because of her and her staff my dog is on the road to a long health path. I will sing them praise until the day I die. Thank you so much for helping my fur baby


They were amazing!! New in town desperate to get my dog seen. Conservative and compassionate. High Regards to all at this Vet


She was so compassionate during our emergency, we had to have our best little girl put to sleep on a Saturday morning, having her perform the procedure outside made it a little easier.

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